Month: June 2014

Olympic National Park – Hoh River Trail

Route: Trailhead To Blue Glacier (Round Trip)
Distance: 36.2 Miles
Days: 3
Longest Day: 14.8 Miles
Campsites: Lewis Meadows, Martin Creek

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Ever since my Dad and I went up the Hoh River Trail in 2011 we have wanted to go back. My brother has spent the last four years in Japan for work and has been home visiting for the last couple of weeks, He wanted to do a backpacking trip with us.

We debated between heading into the Enchanted Valley or, if the conditions allowed, doing a trip up the Hoh River Trail to the Blue Glacier. Everything seemed to fall into place when the ladder that the park installs during the non-winter months to assist hikers down a large avalanche chute was installed for the season a few days before our trip was due to begin.  With the ladder in place and decent enough weather forecasted we decided that the Hoh River Trail trip was a go.

We piled into the car and drove the 3 hours to the Hoh Visitor Center and got our permits.

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Mima Mounds

Route: Mima Mounds
Distance: Around 2 Miles



Mima Mounds Panoramic

The weather was spectacular today so Liv and I decided to take the boys out the the Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve. We hiked through the wildflowers for around 2 miles (Paved Trail and the South Trail – Small Loop) and then headed back to the car. They boys loved it!


Mima Mounds Trail


Mima Mounds


Mima Mounds Trails

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